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6 SHOCKING things you must know about your headaches! (save up to R9000 p.a in medical bills)

You might be wondering, WHY are we letting you in on this life-changing info for FREE?

When you could be paying over R600 for professional advice per half-hour.

This is something everyone battles with at some point in their life.

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Over the years we’ve had a countless number of patients complaining of headaches and migraines affecting their quality of life and decreasing their productivity daily. But what was worse, were the complaints of how much of time and money they spent on trying to treat it with little luck.

Thousands of Rands spent on consults, scans and medication that just seemed to numb the pain. Most of these patients are now closely managed by us and were found to notice drastic reduction in headaches and discomfort.

We feel that by letting you in on years of professional knowledge & studies, we can make it easier to find your solution and save you tons in the process.

Eye health, diet, stress, sleep patterns, activity, hormonal changes, genetics and metabolic processes play a large role in contributing to headaches.

Don’t despair, this quick 2-minute questionnaire works like a charm, to highlight the link to your headaches.

Ask yourself :

Location - is my headache located at the front/sides/back of my head?

Does it get worse during the day?

Does it get worse when I do specific tasks , I.e. spend long periods on my computer or cellphone?

Do my eyes feel tired when I read?

Does the pain radiate and move through my head?

Does it sometimes hurt behind my eyes?

Does it happen when there’s bright lights, or when I go into the sun?

Is it a dull pain behind my eyes?

Is it a throbbing pain on the sides of my head?

Do I have to take meds or sleep to make it disappear?

If any of the above are true for you…….GREAT! We’re right on track!

1) So, being even slightly short-sighted (eye too long), far-sighted (eye too short) or astigmatic (having an irregularly shaped cornea) CAN cause headaches.

Side Note : NOBODY is perfect.

2) Know anything about Eye Strain? We are divergent Mammals. Hold that thought.

  When we spend more than 5 hours a day on a Screens or Books , you guessed it!


Do that everyday in a 5 day week and Boom! Headache.

No, we’re not telling you to stop working, we’re saying that their is a way to reduce strain while being productive! It might sound like a catch 22 but trust us, it’s possible. As much as we’d love to tell you how we can waive our magic wand and make your eye strain go away , we’re a bit restricted on this post. However, be sure to CLAIM YOUR EXCLUSIVE GIFT at the end, it’s everything you need - we promise.

3) Ever get a small hunch that maybe, just maybe, bright lights and spending time in the sun could possibly cause you eye-related discomfort? Alas! You are not over-exaggerating. Some patients ARE more sensitive than others - so much to the extent that they experience dreaded headaches with screen-time, flourescent lighting and sunlight.

Some minor changes to your display settings, getting a pair of blue light filtering spectacle lenses for digital devices, like our revolutionary premium blue control lenses and having the correct UV A/B/C blocking sunnies will improve your workday ten fold.

This not only reduces strain and fatigue, it also improves your productivity so you can go about your day like the boss you are. Let us not get started on those amazing sleep patterns and long term eye health benefits like minimizing your risk for macula degeneration.

4) The fourth one is a bit complex, so stay with us.

  It has alot to do with eye muscles and your ability to focus.

 Imagine, you’re in a school or work environment. You notice yourself shifting your gaze between near and far often. Eg. From the projector screen to your laptop and back.

The change of gaze makes everything blurry, it takes a few seconds to clear up.

This happens when your eye muscles are fatigued or spasming.

9 times out of 10 this causes headaches and ultimately excruciating migraines.

An Optometrist that specializes in this will have this problem detected and treated in a jiffy with super smart ‘accomodative support’ lenses.

These babies relax your eye muscles & improve your vision at near and far distances effortlessly. The best part is that they don’t have any funny lines or windows that your granddad wears. In fact, it’s sort of, like a pair of smart but secret treatment lenses. And they seem to support and slow down rapidly deteriorating near vision.

If that’s not a winner, We don’t know what is.

5) You’ve had perfect vision all your life and now you’re between 35 - 45 & suddenly you feel like your arms just got shorter, overnight. Reading that price label or medicine insert is a mission and you can’t seem to wonder why you have this awful strain , pain and blurred vision.

Don’t panic. Heard of presbyopia? Nah, we didn’t think so. It’s basically an age-related condition that everyone experiences closer to the age of 40 and older.

And yes- it causes tired, spasming eye muscles, hence, horrible headaches.

The bad news is that it’s inevitable, meaning your close vision is bound to get worse with age. The good news, a highly skilled Eye Professional can help to slow down that progression with lenses that relax the eyes while reading or doing computer work.

6) “I Wear glasses but I still get headaches” . If we had a Dollar for every time we heard that one. The reasons are endless. To touch on the most important ones, you could be wearing the incorrect type of spectacles, the quality on your lenses could be affecting your clarity or your prescription could need an update. Remember our eyes undergo small changes every 6 months depending on the individual and our eye health needs to be assessed once a year.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to visit an Optometrist that considers your needs and openly discusses the options, goals and progress of your eye health and visual system with you. Remember, glasses are not the only way of treating these issues,a critical analysis of your visual system and individual needs can reveal the best option for you - great Optometrists know this.

We live and breathe Eye Health so if you have any eye related questions that boggle your brain , feel free to pop us a message or mail.

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