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Headaches and vision,can they be related?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Ever thought a headache could affect your vision? Or better yet, could a headache be caused by a visual problem? Headaches can sometimes be a sign that your eyes are changing and that it may just be time for a full consult. There's specifically two types of headaches that could be visually related. Lots of patients complain of migraine headaches, a migraine headache can cause intense pain in and around your eyes, nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. Even though underlying visual problems are a major contributor for migraines, there is usually a combination of things that cause trigger it i.e medications, certain foods, smells, loud noises and bright lights.Cluster headaches on the other hand have no specific cause and can be experienced in cluster like patterns. They are far more severe and occur frequently for a short period and tend to disappear for a long time. Cluster headaches cause tearing, nasal drips and red eyes.

The most common causes of visual headaches are Eye strain - when you overuse your eyes' focusing muscles because of lots of screen-time, Farsightedness - when you exert your eye muscles trying to focus at near ,and Presbyopia - when we lose the ability to focus at close distances due to age and typically occurs around the age of 40. Headaches are generally one of the more common signs of a visual problem and must be seen to by an eye care professional.

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